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Quotes / Invoices Portal

Hi QW Community, 

As most of you probably do, we need to send all of our quotes via email.

We were wondering if anyone out there has some sort of Portal where you can upload the quote, we can send the quote to the customer from there or it gets posted, the customer can approve the quote and then also view their invoices from Quickbooks...Just need a customer facing portal of sorts!

This industry is so outdated, hopefully someone has some of insight!

Thank you in advance

Have you seen QuoteValet...?

I won't help with your QuickBooks invoices, but it will definitely help with your online customer approvals!

Hi Martin,

Not aware of anything QW specific, but I guess it would be possible to create some widgets in PowerBI that you publish to each client with the information you're looking at - you could (almost certainly, I've never tried) do that with QW.. not sure what access to the QuickBooks database is available though.

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