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Zoho Product Integration

I've found an issue with the mapping of QuoteWerks products to Zoho CRM when using the default of:

ManufacturerPartNumber -> Zoho Name

Zoho Name is not a part number but usually a Name in the format of "Manufacturer Product Description"

If I use this mapping, it can therefore mean that I get ManufacturerPart and ProductName as identical in Zoho and it uses Description as the product description.

The default for setting up a product in Zoho is Product Name is unique not Product Code, however in QuoteWerks you're unable to map the Description field to Zoho Name.

You can however map a CustomText field to Zoho Name, is it possible to add a script / auto-enter so that a products Description can be Auto Entered or used in one of the CustomText fields? Without needing to manually update all products?

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