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SQL Timeout


Is there a way to change (increase) the SQL Timeout duration in QW? We've moved our back end to Azure and find that some searchs (anything with CONTAINS) timesout, yet we don't have this issue with other desktop apps with SQL backends in Azure. 

This happens with searches, reports etc. 


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Hi Olly,

I don't believe such an option exists.

I have a couple of clients (even with on-prem SQL) that get timeouts when running big reports, particularly (but not exclusively) when looking at the DocumentItems table.

It would be very handy to have a setting that would allow (maybe not in the interface, but a sort of 'secret' setting we could apply) us to increase this timeout.

People, generally, are understanding if we're asking it to churn through a lot of data and will simply answer a quick email or something whilst it's running. But returning the (rather daunting) error message is a bit of a frustration, I agree.

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