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When setting up Required Items, default 'Link quantity to parent item' to yes.

This feature doesn't seem to work.


Adding required items, the box is not checked.


Tools > Options > Misc > Check the checkbox near the bottom ;)

Ooops, sorry.. didn't read the bit about you saying it didn't work!

Just found this release note:

-Fix: On the Misc tab of Tools->Options, the setting "When setting up Required Items, default 'Link quantity to parent item' to yes." was not being saved or applied.

You'll need to be on the latest version of QW.

When did that come out we just updated a week ago.5.7 4.04

Yeah we have the most recent version available.

So it doesnt appear to be fixed yet, unless theres  something funky going on.

Hmmm, it says 5.7 1.03

I'm 5.7 4.02 and not working for me either.

Definitely worth you pinging for a prompt response.

If you mention that I can produce the issue too, that might help it get escalated more quickly.

Am I not seeing a newer version from a cache issue or something? Heres what I have.


Yes. I'm able to repeat the issue, so still not fixed.

Definitely worth an email to support @ quotewerks dot com

Mention that I can recreate the issue (same version) and that'll help get it escalated.

Im sending the email then,

Just for the record. I thought maybe if I were to unapply the setting then reopen the menu to put it back on it would clear the problem, but the setting itself didn't save the alternate status as unchecked either.

I have noticed the issue before, but didn't think much of it. 

At this stage though, I am going to be doing a LOT of edits to the items/required items in order to sort of rebuild my two databases into one database to properly use the script that you created for me to wipe prices on print line = no.

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