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Open Document - Header Seletions

Can we set QuoteWerks to always load certain header fields to search for on the Open Document window?

Previously we had a different tab that always had "PO Number" as an option I think.

I was asked where the value went.

I can see that we can pull down the header fields to choose this value.



It would be nice if that PO # (SoldToPONumber) selection was maintained in the pulldown upon exiting and opening the menu again, but it always resets to CustomNumber01.

"Remember Header Field" or something along those lines.

Not quite following, let me try...

I choose CustomNumber03, as an example, and do a search*.

I then close the open window.

I then reopen the open window, CustomNumber03 is remembered

If I restart QW, it's still remembered.

Is that not your experience?

Are you doing an actual search at * point?

I see. yeah I think the fact that a search wasn't actually done was the source of the issue. It appears to be holding now.

That should satisfy the sales staff, once they do a search once they will have an easier time of it.

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