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qwservices.dll error post upgrade

We upgraded our version of quotewerks and the installation was successful.(5.7 build 4.11)

The node install was also successful.(on terminal server)

However once we open qwerks, we get the error that the qwservices.dll need older vesion.

I also tried intalling the nsetup.exe on my local laptop same issue(error)

We are unable to find this qwservices dll. Also no rollback option due to install being "successful" !

Pretty urgent

All help appreciated.

I have also logged a ticket for support but they in ISA and sleeping

(164 KB)

Hi Peter,

Shoot me an email if you want a screenshare. Happy to help.

It's looking like something didn't quite go right with the update as I seem one screenshot reference Version 5.7 Build 2.40.

Hi Peter,

That usually indicates that the QW.exe itself didn't get updated.  Sometimes this happens if someone has the exe stuck in a TS instance, antivirus has a hold on it, or some other program has it held open.  You can resolve this either by re-running the update against the folder, or installing a temporary new copy of QuoteWerks and copying the QW.exe into the correct folder.   [Be sure to delete the temporary folder when done to avoid future confusion!  :)  ]

Hi, same issue here, fully uninstalled and deleted the common files quotewerks folder but still have the issue.

Version is also showing as build 4.00 on start and not 4.11?

Couod be available for a screenshare now if you spot this message in the next 15 minutes or so...
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