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Integration with Quickbooks Item Categories

Quickbooks 2023 added a new field for categorizing items (which is really nice because I was running out of custom fields).

It is pretty robust in that you can have sub-categories within the categories.

Within QuickBooks, it kind of shows the categories in a nested format

I started messing with it and have generated a quick example.



As you can gather, the final category for this item is Stainless Steel Tubing, but also belongs more broadly to Tubing and then even more broadly yet Raw Materials.

Right now I am restructuring my entire QW database and wanted to try to get them to relate to each other better so that I can update in QW and the changes carry over to QB when we export orders. 

I know we can tell QW to update QB data, but can I structure a custom field in QW on an item to be "Raw Materials: Tubing: Stainless Steel Tubing" in such a way that QB would be able to properly associate it as thought it was done in QB?

Or would QB not be able to properly discern this and create a category in label only "Raw Materials: Tubing: Stainless Steel Tubing" instead of the more robust system of having it associated essentially with all 3 of those categories so that I can be more broad or specific about the level of reporting I want?

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It would seem that they haven't even added this to quickbooks advanced reporting so maybe it isn't feasible.

Really a shame... I really wanted this feature. I can do it thru custom fields, but not in this nested fashion. Plus I am basically out of them in QB items so I would need to decide which to eliminate.

Hopefully they do this properly so it can actually be USEFUL.

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