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Document layout editor needs love...

I have been called out on our quotes not looking as nice as our other literature.

I would rather have some more flexibility with layout by using some other software besides QW and Word, but... if we are really going to be stuck with these two choices, we need some improvements at least.

The document editor needs keyboard undo/redo. Undo is already a feature usable in the editor, but has no keyboard shortcut. I am not sure if redo is a thing or not but... even undo keyboard on its own would help a lot. Ctrl+Z is near universal for undo and I feel absolutely naked without it.

I do appreciate we have features like align available to us, which is mandatory for laying things out nicely. It just feels like the editor hasn't seen any modernity since inception.

I am not clear what happens if I use a font from my adobe suite in the quote... I like to use the font Myriad Pro on all of my literature. If I used that on the template editor, would it work for everyone else? What about on delivery to clients?

Another thing - 

If we highlight multiple objects, we should be able to right click them to pull up the choices. Attempting to highlight multiple areas with a drag box disallows for this. Holding control and clicking each item does allow for right click edits.

And evidently doing things like font changes arent working for undo even the long form way, so that doesn't help much either.

also you can sometimes click shapes with other objects and sometimes cant, so wanting to manually click and drag every item off page to use for a before and after is not feasible

Being able to assign specific sizes to objects like pictures and being able to center images on the page are also important. The import isn't doing it to the size its generated at, so I am having to stretch it out a bit. Then I can't center it properly.

I've replied with my thoughts to Brian, but didn't want to cloud anything others may have to offer...

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