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Layout Font Problems

I am having a problem.

I spent a long time working on some quote templates and am ready to deploy them.

I used Aileron fonts to match our datasheets. 

I have the fonts available in a folder to install on all the workstations.

When attempting to view the document from another workstation, the fonts are not rendering correctly in all cases. If I go into the document and right click an object and then hit OK, the font refreshes to the proper font it was assigned to.

However, doing this for every field for every user is REALLY not something I want to do, especially since often times the images disappear when making this change.

Does anyone have any ideas?

It is not every object/font. Some of them are correct some are not.

Here is an example:

The template itself from my machine:


Now, moved to the next workstation, loading up the template:


Notice, main heading, subheading, docdate and column headers are all correct, while projectnameformula, proposal intro and so forth are not.

It is most obviously noticable on projectnameformula.

Now, if I right click the field on the user, it knows its ailieron font


Hitting Okay refreshes the font on the template. again, i made no actual changes. 


The other instances, such as proposalintro and so forth are not correct still. I can repeat this step on those fields to also repair them, but then the images disappear...


Is there anything I can do here? I don't want to remake this over and over again...

The font issue may be because the Aileron font is not installed on the second workstation.

I have found that images seemingly randomly appearing and disappearing can be because a conditional font has been inadvertently applied to the image field.

Hope this helps!

Yeah i wish that was the case but it definitely is installed.

I also reinstalled the fonts to try to address it

Once I right click the field with the workstation and hit font, the font is selected automatically on the screen, and when pressing Okay it fixes it for that field. But doing that across every field is not ideal, especially when the pictures disappear.

There's no conditions to the image in place, the editor quasi frequently messes up when adding or editing content and images vanish. they have to be deleted then re-placed.

Appreciate the response in any case.

If it helps anyone I can make a video up going over it and showing things being configured

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