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Starting a quote from a template

Hi, when starting a quote from a template: 

These are the options: 

1) Press New:           outcome: untitled Quote (UNSAVED)

2) from a Template:  Outcome: [name of the template] (UNSAVED)

We are using a specific string for doc names, meaning in Option1 it will take effect. On Option 2 will NOT take effect and have to rename manually the document, which is not very efficient. 

Just wondering how you get around this and what is your experience. 

I think when you start a quote from any template it should be Untitled Quote (UNSAVED)


What do you think? 

(56.2 KB)

Hi Juan

I was able to duplicate the issue here in house. I have already submitted a report to our Dev team and once it is resolved we will reach out to you.

Yes, indeed, this works only on the desktop app. 

On Web it does not work the same. 

Can you double check?

Tools --> Options --> Documents Tab

Close & Re-open  QuoteWerks.  When you start a new document from a template it will use the Macros that you have set for Document Name

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