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Data Manager Problems w/ RecGUID

I am getting ready to implement some major changes and I have everything figured out except for one thing...

I was going to use queries to do this but I am not having luck for the same reason I am not having luck with the datamanager

I need to implant a new required item to about 40 products. The problem is that QuoteWerks rejects the import of the new lines when doing an export/import because they don't have RecGUIDs.

Attempting to insert via sql query generates an entry as expected, but again it doesn't really have a way to get a RecGUID automatically, and therefore it does not show on the required items list.

The change I am working to implement has been in the works for awhile, which will combine all instances of no print lines with the same part number into a single transaction (line item) so that we can use negative inventory on some assemblies and merge them together so that quickbooks doesnt complain about it.

My first go is we decided to make a particular option no longer an option and build it into the model itself, so I have queries ready to go to increase the price for each model affected, changing the configurator to swap the old options relating to it to a new option involving "removing the item" or swapping it with an alternative, appended descriptions etc.

Everything is ready to go except I cannot seem to automate adding the required items because I cannot get a RecGUID.

Id rather use queries but i thought that the data manager should be able to accomodate it by auto generating recguid on import, but it doesnt...

Any clues or ideas? I don't want to spend a week editing everything manually, i need everything to go live at once.

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