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Visual Styles

Are we able to find a different visual style file to put in a QuoteWerks installation folder for it to use?

I am asking because I have a regular environment and a sandbox environment and want to make the sandbox really obnoxiously colored, so I don't mistake which one I am looking at.


Disclaimer: "Not officially supported"  "Not a direct reccomendation from QuoteWerks Technical Support"

Drop them in your folder with QWD closed, then they will be in your preferences==> Appearance when you re-open.  I like to use the pink one to freak out my coworkers. 

(this is where I get them from)   

(2.02 MB)
(2.51 MB)
(1.09 MB)
(1.27 MB)
(1.22 MB)
(1.39 MB)

Thank you!

I appreciate it!

I don't need official support, just something to help differentiate things.

And yeah, that pink one is pretty freaky. Maybe ill rig up the sales manager's station on him tomorrow.

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