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Removing the option to Exclude Lines in Line Attributes

Does anyone know of a way to limit or remove the option to Exclude Line without removing the ability to effect other Line Attributes?

To clarify: you do not want QW Users to be able to set the "Exclude = Yes" option on a Line Item?

That is correct – eliminate the option to Exclude for all users

Unfortunately there isn't an option to hide the Exclude Line Item Attribute, but if you have QuoteWerks Corporate edition, then you could write a script to force the Line Item to "Exclude = No" before the User prints and/or saves the document.

If the User has set "Exclude = Yes" on any Line Items, then the same script could prompt them to notify them "Line Items had the Exclude option set  to 'Yes', these have been reset to 'Exclude = No'" (or something similar).

OK – that may work for us – would you have a script ready to do this or is this something I need to hire out?

I do not have anything to hand, but it would be straightforward enough to create - no more than an hour's work, and probably much less. Email me - steve (at) for commercials. Thank you.

Did you receive my reply to your email, Dan? If not, then I think that it may have gone into your Spam.

I did find it, thank you.



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