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Printing multiple pages

Can anyone help me figure out why this is printing out two pages? I've looked at the formatting of all the sections, details, footers, etc. I'm sure I'm missing it, any help is greatly appreciated. 

(326 KB)

Hi Becky,

How big/deep is your, I'm assuming, ReportFooter1 section? i.e. how much space is below the GrandTotal?

How big/deep is your, I'm assuming, PageFooter section? i.e. how much space is below/above the text?

If you right-click and choose one or both of the compress options, does it then fit?
If you delete one of the product lines, it fits on one page, right?

Would it be 'cleaner' to force a page break elsewhere in the document? such as above the bottom 3 lines?

Hi Matt, 

Thank you for your reply. 

I'm not sure how to tell how much space is below or above the sections. 

If I remove one or even three product lines it still wants to print a second page.

I've tried multiple variations of the compress options and none of them remove the second page. 

I have an 8th line on the quote that is "hidden" when I un-hide it, it prints on the second page. I've removed the 8th line all together and it still wants to print 2 pages. 

Can you attach the FPC layout for us to review?

I will try, it does not seem to want to attach the file.

(112 KB)
(154 KB)
(112 KB)

Well, sorry I guess it was attaching files. Please disregard the WIP document.

I've looked at the FPC document and there's nothing inherently 'wrong' with the layout. 

It's simply that you have the exact length of product line and page margins that it wants to go to the next page.

The only way to tidy this up would be to reduce the page margins or build the concept of page breaking into the layout - this would allow you to decide where it should page break within the line items. This gives you much more control over the 'look' of the customer facing presentation, rather than QW deciding what it thinks best.

Thank you, Matt. I appreciate your help on this.

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