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QuoteWerks freezes after upgrade to v24.0 Build 2.07

After upgrading a workstation running NSETUP.exe Quotewerks freezes after logging in and all the icons at the top and menus at the top are blurred out and as soon as the user attempts to click onto QuoteWerks it freezes and crashes. Uninstalled QW, ran CCLEANER to clean the registry and attempted a fresh clean install and the same thing happens, on this pc for any user that logs into QuoteWerks.

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How odd.
I'm assuming that user can open QW no issues on another PC? so it's definitely machine specific.

If, on another machine, logged in as the affected user, you go Tools > My Preferences > Appearance and set the drop-down to "System" - does that work any better on the offending machine?

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