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Quotevalet Notification E-mails to Connectwise E-mail Connector

We've attempted to set up Quotewerks and Quotevalet to CC Connectwise automatically so that Approval Notifications can be attached to existing tickets when the e-mails are sent.

We've done the following steps, which appear to be correct:

1. We use a custom field and characters to append "Ticket # 123456" to the document name, which adds the required text into e-mails when sent
2. We've confirmed that when we CC our E-mail Connector receiving address with Quotewerks messages AND when we forward the received messages as-is, that E-mail Connector adds the messages and all attachments (PDF approval, for example) successfully.

However, the problem lies in when the notifications are being sent from

In those cases, the messages are not being processed by Connectwise E-mail Connector. It is receiving them, and then not attaching them to the ticket.

Are you aware of any known issues of Quotevalet notification e-mails via the donotreply address and Connectwise e-mail connector?

Thank you!

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