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Quotevalet Notification E-mails to Connectwise E-mail Connector

We've attempted to set up Quotewerks and Quotevalet to CC Connectwise automatically so that Approval Notifications can be attached to existing tickets when the e-mails are sent.

We've done the following steps, which appear to be correct:

1. We use a custom field and characters to append "Ticket # 123456" to the document name, which adds the required text into e-mails when sent
2. We've confirmed that when we CC our E-mail Connector receiving address with Quotewerks messages AND when we forward the received messages as-is, that E-mail Connector adds the messages and all attachments (PDF approval, for example) successfully.

However, the problem lies in when the notifications are being sent from

In those cases, the messages are not being processed by Connectwise E-mail Connector. It is receiving them, and then not attaching them to the ticket.

Are you aware of any known issues of Quotevalet notification e-mails via the donotreply address and Connectwise e-mail connector?

Thank you!

Keep in mind that even if you do what you are suggesting it will be added to discussion in CW, not internal notes. After a lot of deliberation for us it was an absolute must that this go to internal comments only and therefore the from address must match the primary address of a currently active member in CW. I just wanted to restate this for the entire audience because the need for internal may not be yours but it might be for others.

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That sounds like it'd work.

I do feel a little sorry for QW users that don't the sort of resource you do, or technical knowledge, for stuff like this!

Rather than have it tied to a particular user/employee, i'm going to see if our techs can do a forwarding mailbox in exchange, as I believe that functionality exists.

I should be able to set approvals to BCC to that address, and have it automatically forward to our email connector, if i'm correct.

Indeed, very faffy.. but would sort of work.

I agree.

If we can request donotreply@, being able to request donotreply1@ or quotevalet@ (in order to bypass the hardcoded CW 'rejections) would be nice to see them add as an option.

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Not the most permanent solution, but a kludge that'll work for now. Definitely put my vote in for the feature request with support, though, so hopefully they'll see more instances of folks looking for similar functionality.

Could an Outlook rule help here?

If the 'sender' is and Subject contains "XYZ", automatically forward it to

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QW Support confirmed that the option currently is "" or spoofing the customer address.

They currently have an open feature request to allow customization of the send-as, but no ETA.

Was definitely able to confirm that donotreply@ is blocked across the board:

"The email connector will not update the ticket if sender is from the following: donotreply@, mailer_daemon@, microsoftexchange,, or postmaster@."

Our owner just reminded me why we wanted to change from the default spoofing of the customer address: We were concerned with any of the sales reps having out of the office auto-response set as the customer would receive a response from say the "first view" email, for instance. We don't necessarily want the customer to know we can see when they look at the quote. For some of our clients, that could be some potential friction.

Exclaimer is a good suggestion, Jim, albeit a bit mouse-trappy of course.

I think we're going to see if QW can set the do not reply to a variation that CW isn't blocking as for our particular implementation that would be a solution, as we're not looking for internal notes ATM.


We had the same challenges you did and had to resort to a 3rd party plugin for our Exchange server to work around the current limitations.

The product is called Exclaimer AutoResponder - and it rewrites the from address when the inbound message meets the criteria specified. We hide !!AddInternal: messages!! in white text in the email templates to force the messages to go to the internal tab of the ticket, and we rewrite the inbound email address to my email address since one of the qualifiers for the Email Connector is that you use an email address of a currently active ConnectWise member...otherwise, it will not post the reply to internal.

I know that the concerns about spoofing are completely valid, I personally wish there could be a challenge/authentication initial step developed to allow us to use our own from address on the QV emails and/or if we were allowed to specify our own SMTP we could take on the burden and responsibility from there. 

Currently the only thing forcing me to keep an on-premises exchange server is this AutoResponder utility to rewrite the from address of the inbound message prior to delivery. Everything else has been moved off premises.

I wish I had a better answer for you.

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I know that CW is quite good (if that's the right word) at handling donotreply@ and out of office type replies.

In this case, it's probably being too good!

My knowledge of CW is a couple of years out of date, and can't recall if it has the ability to ex/include certain email addresses. 

A bit like opening a port on a firewall..

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We've got a ticket open with Connectwise also, so i'll make sure and follow up here with any fix they recommend.

My suspicion is there's something in the Mail Connector setup table that's excluding the donotreply, as they do have that exclusion for outgoing notifications to prevent loops.

Hi Joe,

That's a very valid concern.

Some of my clients have had issues with themselves (or their clients) getting emails through.

Usually (but not always) whitelisting either (or both) and/or the QuoteValet Server IP Address resolves these issues, but not always.

We were concerned about anti-spoofing protection when we onboarded, so had QW change to the donotreply address.

Trying to look up any documentation as to what our concern was there, as anti-spoof should be only for the receiving domain sending to itself.

Had any issues with the customer spoofing and e-mail protection like Proofpoint?

Worth asking QuoteWerks to disable and have it appear to come from the customer?

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