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Price difference between exclusive options

 I need to show the difference in price between mutually exclusive options.  It would be cool if it was functional in QW and in a layout.  Has anyone done this yet?

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This could easily be done on a report, but I'm guessing you're wanting this on a client facing template?

If so, we might need to look at the script route. This would look for all items that are part of the same exclusive group and put the price difference in one of the fields, which could then be displayed.

Would you ever have more than two options as part of the same exclusive group?

This would be huge for me as well.

Neat idea...There are some challenges to this being a built-in feature of QuoteWerks.

First is what matt said that if you have 3 or more exclusive options, which one is supposed to be the base price that you are calculating the differences off of and how do you indicate like "$45 more than X" What is X, how do you describe that.

Second is where do you display this information. Some kind of visual mock-ups would be required to continue this discussion.

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