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Contract Term Option

I'm trying to figure out how to have our quotes default to a 36 month contract term.  The only option I see is to manually enter a contract start and end date.

Is there a way to have a term set to a default of 36 months, or have the client select 12, 24 or 36 month options?

How are you defining a term of any length?

You can present 12/24/36 month options as 3 separate line items and part of an exclusive group.

Does that not do the trick for you?

Thanks.  I'm mostly trying to have a default 36 month term show up when the client views the quote.  Some of our guys use Quosal (and we're trying to move them to QW).  In Quosal the 36 month term shows up automatically in the Order Porter view.  (their equivalent to QuoteValet.)

Almost everything we do is 36 months and I'm trying to set it so that it is a default where our reps don't need to manually select it each time with a line item.


Maybe I'm not understanding how to setup an Exclusive Group.

Ah, ok, so..

You sell something for me at $1.00 per month.

It's a 36 month contract, you want a reference to the value $36 to appear on the quote.

So, they're seeing how much per month, but also how much over the contract?

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