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Inactive Users

I'm not sure if I'm missing this or if it's been addressed somewhere else, but is there a way to update QW so that if a user is inactive that we can have QW 'kick' them out of the system.  Basically, we don't want people sitting in QW all day.  We have a limited number of licenses.

Yes, if you go Utilities > Show Logged In Users, you have a couple of options there that you'll find useful.

Hi Matt -- Yes, I have used those options to terminate and revoke licenses.  I'm looking for something where the system will automatically do it if the user is inactive after a certain length of time.  Just like in SAP, if I'm inactive for about 30 minutes, my session logs me out automatically.  That is what I'm looking for so I don't have to continue to monitor the logged in users.

I know that the dev. team would be wary of this.

One, how is QuoteWerks to know that the user is inactive? No saving a document, no input into the system?

What should QuoteWerks do? Close the session and save? Close the session and not save?

I'd imagine, from my perspective at least, that this could actually cause more issues than it would save.

Basically, the answer to this question is that there currently is not a way to do this and I haven't missed a setup.  :)  Thanks!

Yup :)

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