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Subfolders in the Resources folder

The resources folder can get quite large. We have a request from a user who would like to have it include subfolders automatically eg. so the acceptance packages all get saved into a single folder.

Similar recent requests of:

  • Every 12 months prompt the user to review the Resources folder as it is x.xx GB in size.
  • Automatically .zip last year's PDF files to save some space.
  • Allow customization of the file name generated when uploaded to QuoteValet and a copy is put in Resources.

Thanks for that Matt - I will pass those on to the user. Much appreciated :o)

For anyone keen for a solution here, we've already got an add-on which will zip files on a scheduled basis, creating a weekly file after a pre-defined number of weeks, i.e. perhaps I want to have 8 weeks worth of files uncompressed but anything older than this gets archived to a zip file. This could easily be modified to work off of months, quarters, even years or days if these were desirable. The utility works off of the file created, modified or accessed date which is already part of the configuration.

Email if you'd like more information.

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