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Multiple Back Ordered Shipments

I'm curious how people handle invoicing back ordered shipment?  We have developed a way that I'm not totally happy with, so I'm curious how else people are doing it.

For example, I sell 5 widgets.  (2) I have in stock, (2) the factory can ship to me in 2 weeks, and the last (1) will be available in 4 weeks.  I need to ship and invoice the first (2) today, then the next (2) when they come in, then the final (1) eventually.  How do you configure your Layout, Document Items Tab, Etc to accommodate that? 


Something like:

Qty = 5

CustomNumber01 = Invoice = 2

CustomNumber02 = Awaiting Stock = 3

The template you use to create your document looks at CustomNumber01.

If another 1 comes in and is ready to invoice, CN01 = 1, CN02 = 2.

You could even have a report showing you any document where CustomNumber <> 0

This would give you a list of all documents not yet complete.

Matt,  Thanks for the response!

We use a system sort of similar to this, but recording the dates the items ship for historical records is what has become cumbersome?  Sometimes there are 2 different Widgets on the same order, with various ship dates for each?  Trying to figure out a better way to do it, and to be able to go back and see when and what shipped.

I was thinking about adding a "Ship Date" to each Document Items line item, instead of the where the ship dates currently are on the Sale Info tab.  I'm trying to think how to filter the Invoice Layout to show the lines that are currently shipping, but not include the ones that have already shipped, or are still waiting to ship.  Still waiting to ship is easy.  It's the already shipped lines that I'm debating.  I thought about using "Today's" Date as the filter, but sometimes we are Invoicing an item where the Ship Date is in the past.  

I could combine the method you listed above with the Line Item ship date, but again I don't want it to get cumbersome.     

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