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Set Specific Terms for Specific Documents

Is there a way to set specific terms per quote?  We have a few different quote templates and would like to pre-populate the terms with specific parameters.  For example, for quotes on capital (Expensive!) equipment, we have special payment terms (EI 50% down, 30% upon Delivery, 20% Net 30) and for supplies that go with the equipment, we would just do Net 30.  It will look silly if we have the same terms for capital equipment as the disposable, inexpensive stuff that would be on a separate quote.  I hope I explained myself in a way that makes sense...thanks in advance for any advice and help!  If you have more question, I'll be happy to answer.  Thanks again!  Jill



A script may well be able to handle this... default the Terms to "Net 30" but then it there are Line Items with Item Type "A", "B" or "C" are present, then override with Terms to "50% down, 30% upon Delivery, 20% Net 30". Or maybe Manu Part # "EXP1", "EXP2" or "EXP3", or other such attribute so that the script knows capital equipment from disposable items.

I don't believe there is a way for QuoteWerks to do this.

You can certainly add a label into each layout with a hardcoded value.

You could also present a dialog field which would appear each time the layout is previewed/emailed/printed, which could show the default value, but could be changed.

In order to update the field in the database (if you're using the Terms field to hold the value) we'd need to write a script to update this value based on the filename of the layout used.

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