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FWD: How to run this Crystal report within QuoteWerks?

I am inserting a Crystal report into the Custom Menu:
"Configuring a custom menu item involves two components. First the menu item itself needs to be defined. We use the [Define Menu Items] button to do this. Once a menu item has been defined, it will not be displayed until it is selected for display. To do this we use the [Publish Menu Items] button."
My question is :
How to run this Crystal report within QuoteWerks?
How do I tell QW to start Crystal RunTime to run that report?
This report has been tested within Crystal Report and link to Docs.mdb. It is working well.
Wayne Tang

Locate the executable file that is used to run the Crystal Report.


In the QuoteWerks 'Edit Menu' use the command box to point to the executable file above.


Hi David,

If I am using Crystal Runtime what do I need to insert into Edit Menu  command field ? 

Hope you could show the way.

Thank you in advance. 

Best regards 


When you create the individual reports in Crystal is there an exe file that needs to be run for each report? If so, then that is what you need to link to.

This is how we used to do it .....

  1. Convert the report to an exe file;
  2. Install the runtime files on the users' workstation.
  3. Run the exe file from a menu option.

There is some information here regarding "shelling" a Crystal report from a command line. It would be something like what's detailed in the article which needs to be put into the QuoteWerks custom menu item.

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