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Remote Desktop Screen positioning


We have QW installed on a Server 2016 RAS Server delivered as both the full desktop and remote apps.

When I log in to either from my laptop, single screen with no additional screen attached, the main screen is often inaccessible. I can see it's open because it's open on the task bar but I can't get to it in any way. Likewise, sometimes I get the main screen but when I open 'products' that window is sometimes in accessible. 

I've tried with 'use all screens' ticked on and off. I've tried rebooting the RAS server, I've tried to Alt+Tab to it but it's like it's on a different screen that I can't get to. 

Office, Adobe, browsers etc all work normally.


If you go to .......

Tools -> My Preferences -> Misc

there is an option ......

Don't remember window location

which if selected 'may' resolve your problem.

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Perfect, thanks David, I'll give it a whirl....

Just tested and it's working perfectly, thank you so much!

Glad to be of assistance.

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