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Individual Terms

Is it possible to set a template with Specfic terms and conditions based upon client.  I have a couple of clients who have individual terms (tailored) and want to ensure these are attached to there quotes and not the standard terms
Many thanks



If you were to set those terms in Dynamics against the company, you can pull that phrase into the relevant field when pulling in the client information.

Contacts > Setup Contact Manager > Data Link Setup

This will allow you to create a rule to pull in DynamicsFieldXYZ into QuoteWerksFieldABC

I think the terms are too long for that, it would need to attached a document matt

Sorry, I thought you were referring to something like "Payment with Order" or "50% with order, balance on completion".

We're saying we have TermABC.pdf - which relate to clients A/B/C/D; and TermsXYZ.pdf which relate to clients W/X/Y/Z?

If so, that's more tricky, and I can't think of a way for QuoteWerks to easily handle that without having a pre-built quote template (contianing no items, but the right document selected) and you build a quote from that template each time.

If there is some logic to it.. i.e. All quotes always have TermsABC.pdf, but X/Y/ZCompanies always have TermsXYZ.pdf; it could be possible to build a script to set the appropriate terms document automatically via a bespoke script.

Ok we might be onto something here.  So i could create a Customerabc template, which is blank and this template always has termsABC attached to it.  That is the way i started this, but couldnt see how to assigned specfiic terms to a template

Build a 'quote' (perhaps even with no line items), add the company, set the correct terms document.

Preview (this is where it logs which files you're using). Close Preview.

File > Save As Template

If you then create a new quote from that template, it should 'remember' the fact you selected alternate T&Cs.

brilliant thanks Matt.  Now i am pushing it in terms of quotewerks, but you can give non standard product prices when certain accounts are selected;
ie Customer ABC - 5% discount on Lisences
  Customer BCD - 1% discount on licenses

I think i know what the answer will be.........

Yes, this is possible.

Take a look at Customer Based Price Levels.

This requires that a customer price level is set against a customer (the drop-down under the first address in QuoteWerks). This will then apply the markup/margin/discount (from list) or the fixed price associated with that profile.

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