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Individual Terms

Is it possible to set a template with Specfic terms and conditions based upon client.  I have a couple of clients who have individual terms (tailored) and want to ensure these are attached to there quotes and not the standard terms
Many thanks



Yes, this is possible.

Take a look at Customer Based Price Levels.

This requires that a customer price level is set against a customer (the drop-down under the first address in QuoteWerks). This will then apply the markup/margin/discount (from list) or the fixed price associated with that profile.

brilliant thanks Matt.  Now i am pushing it in terms of quotewerks, but you can give non standard product prices when certain accounts are selected;
ie Customer ABC - 5% discount on Lisences
  Customer BCD - 1% discount on licenses

I think i know what the answer will be.........

Build a 'quote' (perhaps even with no line items), add the company, set the correct terms document.

Preview (this is where it logs which files you're using). Close Preview.

File > Save As Template

If you then create a new quote from that template, it should 'remember' the fact you selected alternate T&Cs.

Ok we might be onto something here.  So i could create a Customerabc template, which is blank and this template always has termsABC attached to it.  That is the way i started this, but couldnt see how to assigned specfiic terms to a template

Sorry, I thought you were referring to something like "Payment with Order" or "50% with order, balance on completion".

We're saying we have TermABC.pdf - which relate to clients A/B/C/D; and TermsXYZ.pdf which relate to clients W/X/Y/Z?

If so, that's more tricky, and I can't think of a way for QuoteWerks to easily handle that without having a pre-built quote template (contianing no items, but the right document selected) and you build a quote from that template each time.

If there is some logic to it.. i.e. All quotes always have TermsABC.pdf, but X/Y/ZCompanies always have TermsXYZ.pdf; it could be possible to build a script to set the appropriate terms document automatically via a bespoke script.

I think the terms are too long for that, it would need to attached a document matt

If you were to set those terms in Dynamics against the company, you can pull that phrase into the relevant field when pulling in the client information.

Contacts > Setup Contact Manager > Data Link Setup

This will allow you to create a rule to pull in DynamicsFieldXYZ into QuoteWerksFieldABC

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