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Finding QuoteWerks Account Files for a specific year

The previous QuoteWerks system allowed easy access to all of our 2019 quotes by having the account/customer listed under quotes and filed in alphabetical order. Our Sales Support Manager set that filing system up a few years back. So, you could just click on 2019 quotes and view every account that we had quoted for the year. I thought the files would transfer over when we made the conversion to the new system. I just started in the new system today and cannot figure out how to access all of my 2019 customer quotes in one file. First of all, is that possible in this new version? Secondly, how do I get that done? It appears, that the search on this new version requires that we remember the exact account/customer name in the file and/or the quote number. I am fairly certain that there is an easy process to find all of the 2019 or even 2018 quotes, I just need some direction. Any help would be much appreciated.

 By the way, the old version also listed the most recent quotes on the bottom. Is it still possible to access the most recent quotes that we have been working on?



OK, lots of questions...

Let's start with "We made the conversion to the new system" - are you talking about a QW update, or are you now using the Web version alongside the 'desktop' version?

I to have the same questions as Jeff and same problems. It would be nice if there was a video that showed us how to navigate the new system. Jeff is talking about the web version that we recently updated to from the desktop version.

Lots of webinars on YouTube but I know those might be a little out of date with new functionality released frequently.

Searching documents is shown at 33:40 in the video here:

You could get the same result by searching for "DocDate"; all the column headings are clickable to sort.

Thanks Matt,

 We will give that a try and see if that works. Michael, if you get it figured out, please give me a call and visa versa.

Jeff Knew there had to be video showing how to use the new version. I am going to poke around it later.
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