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Update Template Pricing

One of our manufacture's has made some pricing changes. I have imported the changes into our database. Now, I want to update the pricing in all our templates. Is there a tool to update pricing of all the parts in our existing templates? 

Open a template.

Click the latest button.


Alternatively, select the checkbox at the bottom when chosing to build a new quote from a template.

(This option can be defaulted on or off at user level in Tools > My Prefences > Misc.)


Thanks for your reply.... I found both ways and both ways gives me new cost of $0.00...what do I have to do to get it to populate proper pricing?


I suspect the Vendor name on the line item on the document doesn't match the Product Database name.

QuoteWerks will use the entry in the vendor field to 'find' the product database, it then matches the part number found in that product database.

Can you confirm those two match?

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