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Mass Update Purchasing Ordered Items

 I have come back to QuoteWerks after 8 years with Quosal. I brought all my quotes in with the import tool and while it's excellent to have all my quotes in one place, I have the side-effect of having my purchasing kind of a mess. I tried to receive the products in bulk, but now find a slew of items (~3,500) that I have to receive. It feels like it's slowing everything down. I'm wondering if there is a way to mass receive them all just so that I can get caught back up.


Scott reached out to me directly (via Reddit) and I got him sorted on this with some funky SQL queries.

Ordered Items now loads instantly.

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True! True! Matt is amazing. Super responsive, had me quickly corrected start to finish less than 2 hours....

Can't recommend him highly enough!

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