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Financing vs Leasing

I have a request on a future update.  I am in the HVAC industry and we have wide range of financing available.  We do everything from No Payments/No Interest, Equal Payments/No Interest, Fixed APR Financing and all with variable terms and lengths.  We don't do leasing.  I would love to see the leasing/financing area enhanced to cover not just leasing, but financing options.  We have modified the leasing area to sort of work towards our purposes, but it does not work very well and confuses customers.  We sell a lot of jobs with financing so this is a big deal.  Additionally, the ability to place a custom link into the QuoteWerks/QuoteValet settings to allow the customer to do the online financing application if they select a financing option during checkout would be great.

Can you give some real world examples?

I have a quote for 10,000 that a customer could pay for in one go. What other options would you need?

See the example photo attached.  Like I mentioned, we have modified the leasing heavily to sort of work to what we need but it's not perfect, the numbers are not always right and we had to add custom code to give customers a link to apply for financing after they accept the quote.  We also added verbiage to the quote explaining the financing and credit approval process which was required by the financing company.

So with financing, we have many different offers available.  And in the end, they own the equipment, so it is not a lease.  

For example:

Option #1 - NO PAYMENTS/NO INTEREST - 3-24 Months No Payments/No Interest (with credit approval) - $0.00 due per month, full balance due by final month

Option #2 - FIXED APR FINANCING - 6.99-12.99% Fixed APR Financing (with credit approval) - Can set term length from 60-84 months - Minimum Monthly Payment Factor of 0.5 to 3% 

Option #3 -  EQUAL PAYMENTS/NO INTEREST - 25-72 Month terms (with credit approval) - total amount of contract divide by term length/no interest.

Option #4 - DEFERRED INTEREST W/MINIMUM MONTHLY PAYMENTS - 3-24 Month term (with credit approval) - Minimum Monthly Payment factor of 0.5% to 3%

We would also need the ability to require a down payment with the financing or no down payment which would vary from quote to quote.  

We use financing as a huge selling tool, the ability to show customers a small monthly payment or even better, no monthly payment instead of the large $10,000 number helps greatly.  The options that we offer change based on promotions that our manufactures are running at any given time as well.


Customers are also confused, when they see the payment options above, they think that they have to do a down payment for the financing (because of the down payment requirement for the cash/check or credit card option) which is not always the case, often we don't require a down payment for financing.  We would want the financing to show whether or not a down payment was required.

Thanks for the detail, most helpful indeed.

I'll review in more detail and create a mockup of what I understand the requirement to be and you can tell me what I've misunderstood :)

I'll try and get that done later today.

Thank you so much, That's a great last name you have there by the way.

We updated the Acceptance Confirmation to look like this as well.  It would be nice for that button to not pop up at all if they don't select a financing option.


Hi Derrick, the screenshot showing the different options - is this what you have today?

I guess my initial uncertainty is what is 'wrong' with what it's showing?

What is unclear? What should it show instead?

1.  It doesn't show the deposit requirement like the other payment options do. 

2.  I had to manually change the word lease to financing throughout

3.  The payments are not calculating 100% accurately as the formula in the lease rate card is limited

4.  Under the lease payment calculator in QuoteWerks desktop, the descriptions are all cutoff and don't show the whole description (which is confusing to my newer sales people) it would be nice to just have separate options listed for each of the different financing options instead of broken down and cutoff like it is - see attached screenshot

5.  Also, would be nice to see the credit card and cash/check options separate from the financing options, possibly a different heading.

6.  Would be nice to be able to apply a discount/charge for financing options as well like we are able to do for cash/check and/or credit card payments options


Ah, gotcha!

Yup, this goes beyond what we're able to do with either QW/QV.

I'm going to have to back out of this one Derrick :(

I was hoping this could be part of a future update.  At minimum, if we could have the down payment requirement show that would help a lot.

Plus fixing the descriptions that are all cutoff in the available lease options shouldn't be too difficult I would think.

Yes, all the points you raise are sensible.

Is the downpayment the deposit amount (9953.13) in your example above, related to all payment types?


"Plus fixing the descriptions that are all cutoff in the available lease options shouldn't be too difficult I would think." I would agree.

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