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Is there a way to have multiple addresses for one contact as in Sold To and Ship To?

We are using the built-in contact database.


Main office is where the bills go to and where the contact offices, but the actual job site is in a different location. Some customers are responsible for many physical locations but the invoices all go to the same place.

Sounds like you prehaps need to be using the "Bill To" fields... "Sold To" would be the Contact you're liaising with to secure the Job, "Ship To" would be the Job Site and "Bill To" would be the Main Office where the bills go.

If you cannot see the "Bill To" fields on the "Sold To / Ship To" tab, then untick the "Hide 'Bill To' fields" option in the Tools menu | Options option screen | Installation tab. Hope this helps!

I guess I wasn't completely clear. I was referring to the contact database. It seems that I have to create duplicate contacts with different addresses to be able to store them. It would be nice to be able to have one contact with multiple addresses, but I don't see a means of doing that.

Unfortunately no - there is not a way to do that with QuoteWerks out of the box features. Perhaps add this as a request to one of the "Feature Requests" discussion groups.

I didn't think there was but thought I would ask. I have submitted to feature request.

My Company has account#s that we use to choose the sold to and ship to for our distributors from the Contact database.  These distributors have multiple ship to warehouses spread across the we use something like  account# 500 for the main Sold To and something like 500-CHI for the Chicago ship to warehouse.

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