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Creating Product Databases - Batch Process Image Tricks

Due to limitations on QW pdf engine I am now fixing product database image sizes at 250pixels width - please please devs ;o)

Anyway...this workflow is an interesting and once set up

Video attached shows QW 'customized menu' web search

that uses the manufacture part number to get me product info

Note: First I turn off add item assistant in my preferences ;o)

I then push an entire product database into a new quote.

In this case (as shown on the video) I prepare to process ~130 item shortlisted product database and I work in tandem with capture fixed 'pixel-area' screenshot tool.


!! Another tip i can give if using this sort of screenshot workflow
to get images into your QW database at fixed size and framed perfectly
is use a tool like 'picpick' in conjuction with the "+- zoom" feature on your
internet browser sometimes !!

Other smart approaches:

Sometimes I just download hir-res images from manufacturers
websites and then run through 'batch processing' - highly recommended (and free).

Anyone interested in this batch url look up from part numbers

- should look here:


-- thanks to Ryan @ tech support yesterday who fixed
my "PI" syntax on a 'product lookup view url' search.


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