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Quotes with multiple options

Within a quote to a customer, there may be several "options" that they can chose from.

I have not been able to figure out how to create those options within a quote in such a way that the customer can pick and chose what options they want or do not want to purchase from a quote sent to them via QuoteValet.

My quotes are built using a head for the beginning of each option, the parts forming the option in the middle and a sub-total at the end of each option.

Not quite enough information to go off here.

I've had a go in the video linked here, at least this will get a conversation going...

Are you able to share any screenshots or quote examples, that'd really help me be able to help you.

Tried to link to a video, I'll try again after this post.

I think we need more information to help us to help you.

Are you able to post screenshots?

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