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Product Database of Comments

We are moving over to Quickbooks for accounting and going for a fresh start by basically building a new QW install.  As part of that, we realize that we need to clean up our database of service items that is used for stock notes and comments.  If I use them in bundles as comment linetypes, quickbooks doesn't try to make them products.  If I add them directly to the document items, quickbooks wants to add them as inventory items.  

Is there a way to have an item in a product database add to the item list as a comment and not an item?

Is there a best practice to build a product database of standard headers and comments?

Is there a best practice or guide on the use of section header, headings, vs comments?

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There's no way to create something in the product database as anything other than a product.

A quick (but quite dirty) way of doing it would be to double-click in the description field to get to the F2 lookup, you could add a blank comment/heading line, double-click the description and get a list there; but that's a bit messy.

With a QuoteWerks Custom Script you could do something much more elegant like:

  • Nominate a CustomText field for any 'Products' you create
  • Populate that with "Comment" or "Heading" or whatever
  • When you add that to the quote it will think it's a product initially
  • The script would then use some logic to change the appropriate items from a 'Product' to A.N.Other line type as appropriate.

This would give you the experience you need.

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