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Customer Based Price Level problem

Just discovered that if a customer has an assigned price level, and a product is selected for the quote that does not include that assigned price level, the system will allow the item to be added to the quote with a blank price. I would have expected the system to default to the system list price to avoid product going out at $0. 

The expected behavior is what I experience in my ERP and ECOM systems.

Is there a setting of config that needs to be set to correct this?

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Ref. the QuoteWerks Help here: I think that the behaviour you are seeing is be design. To get around it, the User would need to change the Price Modifier from "C" to say "D0" so that the Line Item gets the List Price instead on the non-existent Customer Profile Price.

(A relatively straightforward script could automatically update the Line Item Price Modifier from "C" to "D0" with the logic of "if the Price is zero, then change from "C" to "D0".)

Hope this helps!

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