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Nesting a Configurator into a Configurator

Hey guys, thanks so much for the help with my last issue.  I think I found a good way to provide a solution the boss was happy with.  Now I've got another slight issue where I feel there is an elegant solution I'm probably just not seeing. 

With one of our products that uses the configurator, we would like to nest some accessories.  For the sake of this conversation, let's call this product "A."  Most of the available accessories are single stand-alone products and so its just giving the option of adding them as single items.  However, one of the accessories is also its own stand-alone products that itself has its own configurator.  Let's call this product "B."  Is there a way to have the final step of the configurator for "A" to contain an option for "B" and, if selected, immediately begin the configurator for "B?"

Currently, I've just set it up to mimic the exact configurator for "B" if you add that to the list of accessories, but it seems like there might be an option to just say "if they select this, run that products configurator too" so if any changes are made to that product, I only need to alter it's own configurator and not both.


You're not missing anything, there's no way to call ConfiguratorB from ConfiguratorA.

What it sounds like you have already figured out is that if you choose B, you can go down a different/additional route within A - that's the best way the product can handle what you're looking to do. But, again, you're right in that you've not got two bits to manage.

I think have a 'Add Configurator' button here, would do the trick.


That would be an awesome addition in future updates.  I just didn't know if it was available currently.  The more I work with building product bases in this software, the more I see things I didn't before that help us personalize it to our workflow which is deeply irregular to begin with so the concept that I had somehow overlooked the ability wasn't outlandish.  Thanks for the help Matt!

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