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Limiting a Product Quantities

 Hey guys, back again.  Still making steady progress in setting us up to use Quotewerks but I've run into a few slight snags.  I'll worry about the bigger ones later (so expect a lot of future posts asking for direction) but for now, I have a small one I want to tackle.

In the configurator, we have a product set up that has a few either/or choices before the final option which is for an additional software package that will integrate with our products.  Because the software will work with our stuff whether you own one or one thousand of our products, users only need a single license for it.  Is there a way to limit that software package to only being able to be added once in a single invoice?  As it is tied to a product in the configurator, I don't want it to be added 65 times if they bought 65 of the base product and, as it can be purchased as a stand-alone product, I want to keep it from being added a-la-carte if its already been added via the configurator or vica-versa. 

I can't think a way of stopping WidgetX from appearing a maximum of once, without writing a custom script to validate that WidgetX appears either 0 or 1 time only.

You might be able to get a QW layout to count up the number of times WidgetX is on the document and then throw a red flag, but this would only be at preview/save as PDF stage and there'd be little to actually stop the user from continuing.

Thanks Matt.  I think there are a lot of little issues like this that I'm trying to figure out.  Doing things like indenting comments in the configurator so that the first heading is the product and all subsequent ones look like focused parts of the larger product was as simple as putting a few spaces before the comment.  Other things like this or controlling the workflow experience so that users have to put in the buyer info before moving on to adding products to a quote or setting up pre-defined headers (our version of entrees, appetizers, drinks, desserts) and having any product you add immediately falling under the appropriate header seems like it may be a struggle.  I'm a graphic designer so trying to figure out how to get the most out of this software is an uphill battle.  Needless to say, I would be stuck staring blankly at my screen all day without the help you've provided so far.  

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