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Moving QW to a new Server

I am about to move QuoteWerks to a new server.  The server name will be the same and all other aspects of the server will be the same. We currently use server version of QW with about 9 users 2 of which are remote.

I'm going to copy the QuoteWerks folder over and run the setup again. Is there anything I'm missing or does anyone have a link to how to do this?  I've looked everywhere and just want to be sure I'm doing this right.

We have Solutions Articles that cover moving QuoteWerks in a variety of types of installs available here too:

You might find this useful, Sally... Moving QuoteWerks Corporate Re-hosted to a New Server

From the user perspective, it sounds like 'nothing is changing' so it all should just work.

If the current location is SERVER-ABC\QuoteWerks, and the new location is SERVER-ABC\QuoteWerks, then nothing to do from the user side of things.

If you're running a SQL database, you'll need to backup the existing database and restore to the new server, and will need to use the same SQL logon/password. (If this changes, you can tell QW the new credentials).

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