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Appending text to the AT Opp name

Hi all 

Is there any way to have QW append the quote ref to the opp name in AT? 

It does this if you choose the option to create a new AT Opp when saving a quote. However if you are saving a quote to an existing AT opp then there is no way of referring to the quote ref after the save. 

 I'd like, for consistancy, to add the quote reference to the AT opp name, regardless of whether QW creates a new AT Opp or is adding a quote to an existing one. In that way it's consistent. 


Using DataLink, QW can REPLACE the existing Opportunity Title.

For example, I might want the QuoteWerks DocumentName (or DocumentNumber) to be the Opportunity Title, that works.

However, we can't just append the DocumentNumber to the existing AT title; it's definitely a replace.

  • Could put the QW DocumentNumber in a UDF on the opportunity, which you could display (in it's own column)
  • Could REPLACE the opportunity title with the QW DocumentNumber
  • Could do something 'clever' like have a QW script (yup, seems to be my favourite topic at the moment) to merge the QuoteWerks Document Name and Document Number into a field, and you then push that; but QW doesn't do this automatically today.

Thanks. I did wonder whether this might come back to you
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