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Based on Volume Pricing for Etilize Products; Importing Products from Etilize to a Native Database

So, I'm attempting to setup Based on Volume pricing for a product brought in through Etilize as shown in this QuoteWerks Help document.

Unfortunately, when attempting to View/Edit an Etilize-sourced product I get an error stating that the Tech Data product database doesn't exist... because of course it doesn't.

I went ahead and created a new QW native product database called Tech Data and now it's stating that product doesn't exist in the Tech Data database... because of course it doesn't.

Does anyone know how to use the Based on Volume pricing feature using an item imported from Etilize?  Or, alternatively, does anyone know how to copy an Etilize product to a QW native product DB so it would exist in my newly created Tech Data database?

Any assistance with how to achieve the end goal of setting up Based on Volume pricing for an Etilize product is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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