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Clearing the Purchasing screen

Hi all

We're looking at using the Purchasing function in QW to patch the feature set in AT. 

However currently we have hundred of thousands of entries and we get the message about 10,000 entries being hte limit.

Can I clear everything from there before today? Perhaps by assigning everything before today to one new PO and then close that off?

You can use the filters at the top of the purchasing window to select all the old stuff, if not just everything, then select all, right click>Manually Update with PO number. Set the number to whatever you want and pick any date and it will remove these items from your list to be ordered. The PO entered with this method will not show up on the Purchase Orders tab, so don't worry about throwing off any procurement tracking.

Just an added note, in the purchasing select items window, this is the button to select all

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