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Shipping not carrying over to AT

Hi all

We're struggling to get the Shipping value (at the DH level) carry over to the AT quote. It never seems to appear in the AT quote despite showing in the QW quote against the subtotals. 

The Contact Manager settings in QW show that Shipping is mapped to an AT shipping type. In At, if we add that Shipping type to a quote it appears as expected. 

However, QW doesn't seem to want to add it. 

Any tips on how to get it showing in AT quotes?


In Autotask, Go to Admin --> Features & Settings --> Finance, Accounting, & Invoicing --> Shipping types

Makes sure all of the shipping types that you have mapped in QuoteWerks have a Material Code set

After setting any missing ones and saving, close & re-open QuoteWerks to ensure nothing is cached, and try saving again.

We have material codes entered but the shipping isn't showing on quotes in AT. 


Contacts > Setup Contact Manager > Autotask Setup

Quote Products Tab

What do you have set here?



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