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Sales Order / Billing Flow with Manage

When I sell hardware, I want to bill for it right away from Manage, and have the hardware referenced in the products tab of the associated ticket.

When I convert a quote to a Sales Order, if I 'copy' the products to the ticket, ALL the products are removed from the Products tab of the Sales Order, meaning I can't create an Invoice from the Sales order (and have the products in the ticket automatically show 'Billed').

What's the point of creating a Sales Order with no products in it?

The only workaround I've found is to NOT copy the products to the ticket, Invoice from the Sales Order, and THEN 'convert' the sales order to copy the products to the ticket (where they now show 'Billed').

What am I misunderstanding?


This is an issue with Manage (or, more to the point, the Manage API). In that you can't do two things with a product in one 'move'.

I'm sure the QW team would want to do it as you want to do it, but have their hands tied by the CW API.

I agree that it would be clearer if QW threw a warning explaining what would happen when you have both options selected, but I believe the tedious workflow to get everything landing in the right place correctly is required.

Thanks for the reply Matt. Have to say, I'm disappointed in Quotewerks for not making this clear and also for not modifying how the product works to prevent us from creating a sales order and copying products to a ticket at the same time (if doing this results in a sales order that has nothing in it).

Basic programming stuff, really.

I'd perhaps direct my frustration at Connectwise.

Have you raised this issue with them? Might be worth it...

I'd wonder what would happen if you had QW create neither the SO/ticket and you did all the conversion in CW. I honestly don't know what would happen, but perhaps that's the workflow going forwards.

Nope, and I won't (giant waste of time asking ConnectWise to do anything). The integration between QuoteWerks and ConnectWise is the value they add. If it doesn't work the way it's supposed to, shouldn't QuoteWerks be asking CW to fix their API (or remove the ability to have the integration perform conflicting actions)?

No it really isn't a deficiency is it just how things had to be done.  In the past when we first wrote our integration and introduced the ability to create tickets and sales order, we did put the products on both.  But in the end, that was wrong as when users were completing things they ended up double-billing the client.  So in order to prevent that from happening we changed so that if you create both then the products will only go to the first entity which is the Ticket.  So really what you mentioned above is the proper workflow.  You have QuoteWerks only create the Sales Order, then you can convert the Sales Order to a ticket and move what you want over.  That way things are billed appropriately in ConnectWise and you do not double up.  So really nothing to "fix" just a little change of your workflow.

Thanks for the explanation Michael. Only creating the SO from Quotewerks is how I've been doing it, but I *always* have to remember to uncheck the 'copy products to ticket' checkbox. Is there a way to default this to not have it checked? Sometimes I forget to do that and I end up with an empty SO. Perhaps even grey-out the option to copy to the ticket if a service order is being created.

Contacts > Setup Contact Manager > Connectwise Setup


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Just to be clear you should not be having QuoteWerks create both a Sales Order and Ticket, just the sales order.  So with the setting Matt Rose has shared that will stop the tickets from being created from QuoteWerks.  But in ConnectWise you will have to convert to ticket manually so there you might need to have a default setting changed but I am not sure on that.

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David, why not bypass using a sales order? Instead you can have QW update an CW opportunity then convert those opportunity products to the ticket. Products still flow through to purchasing with this method and the ticket effectively becomes the sales order.

b/c I bill for hardware up front (as we all should!), and to do so from a ticket requires changing the finance options to bill the ticket separately, then creating the invoice, etc. Easier and cleaner to do that from the SO, with the only extra step (now that I understand the process) of copying the 'billed' products from the SO to the ticket.

I see. Well, you can create a "Sales" service board as we did and set the defaults for billing separately and billing before closing. Then invoice generation is available immediately. 

May ways to skin the cat! Thanks for the feedback Amos.

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