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Default SO Number value


Is there a way to set a default SO Number value for every line item?


Hi Olly,

Not quite following the request here, can you expand a little?

You want every line on an order to have a unique reference?

We used to have the SO Number field on every line item populate with the string "S3" which is apparently used by some kind of Sage integration later down the line. Doesn't appear to be doing it now, no one thought to mention it. 

There are a number of fields which you can set to a default value, but that one doesn't appear to be one of them. Perhaps there was another script in place?


This sounds likely to be something we added to one of your scripts. I'll take a look and reach out when back at my desk and found out if that is indeed the case.

Thanks Matt. Would be good to revisit the script as I think that there are things it's doing that we don't need, and also something in there is stopping Orders being saved which is....quirky.

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