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Quickbooks Integration Custom Importing

 Hi Matt, It's that time again.

So we have gotten Quotewerks up and running and we are preparing to make the switch from Quickbooks to Quotewerks for all of our quoting and we've even gotten the integration working.  The only thing I'm really struggling with at the moment is getting Quickbooks to import all of the information we want.

Currently, all of our products are set up as follows:

The Product Name is listed as "CustomText01"

The Product Description is listed as "Description"

When we import things from Quotewerks to Quickbooks to convert it to a Work/Sales Order, it brings in the Product Description but (rightfully) ignores the Product Name.  Is there an easy way to either place the Product Name followed by the Product Description in the Description field of Quickbooks?  Alternatively, we would be fine with the Product Name filling the Description line in Quickbooks followed by the Product Description in the line beneath. 

I've had customers wanting to do this, the only way we were able to do it (and I'm going back a few years) was to merge the "Product Name" + "-" + "Product Description" at the immediate point prior to pushing to QuickBooks via a script.

Is that an easy thing to execute or would it be reaching a bit beyond my skill level to try it?  Obviously, we can manually enter that Product Name in Quickbooks, it would just save us a lot of time and energy if it happened on its own.

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