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Are instructions or guidelines for using Data Manager

Are there any directions or guidelines for using the Data Manager feature shown here:

I've exported both Empty (template) and 'DataSet file with ALL Columns and ALL data', and when importing after adding data I've gotten errors. 

For the RequiredItems_RecGUID &RequiredItems_RequiredHeaderRecGUID fields, QW throws an error if these fields are blank. How do I determine what information goes into this field? Where do 'E888475F98FD49008C38F6AC6CAFCD09' or 'FA201323E2A5400B92BFE33321DF3D3C' come from?

If I don't import these columns/fields, I get an error. If I import these columns/fields with blank data, I get an error.

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I've first had need to use this in the real-world this week, with success (after a learning curve).

We do need an ID (unique) which can be as simple as 1, 2, 3, etc.

I did use a text generator, instead of using 1, 2, 3, etc., (like this: RANDOM.ORG - String Generator) to be more in line with what QW is generating.

But that’s unnecessary, I found.

Generate XX random strings

Each string should be 32 characters

Numeric and Uppercase


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