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QW does not transfer item cost to Peachtree at the time of creation.


I am a new  QuoteWerks user.  We are integrating QW with Sage50/Peachtree.

At the time of the quote export from QW to Peachtree, the actual cost of the item does not get transferred to Peachtree.  It creates the item with $0 cost.

The selling price gets transferred.  

Is there a setting or a configuration that I'm not setting correctly, 

It seems to me it is not the right workflow if you have to go back and change the cost for each item in Peachtree,

Can anyone give advice, or the workaround this issue.

Thank you, 

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Hello Kami. I was asked to respond to your question. Sage 50 customer invoice item cost is based on a calculated amount in Sage. Your Sage invoice table does not have a "Cost" field for QuoteWerks  to update.

The best calculation to determine cost in Sage, is [Invoice item price] - [Purchase item cost]. If you would like to discuss this further i can be reached at I integrate QuoteWerks with Sage 50 and Act CRM. With this integration, provide costs per invoice and costs per item.

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