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QBO Integration - Use BillTo Company's Information Stored in QBO Once Validated

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In the Quickbooks Desktop Integration, QW used to simply verify the BillTo Company existed in QBDT. If the customer did exist, then when a PO was created in QBDT, it would use the contact information (billing address, email, etc.) that was stored in Quickbooks. This is an ideal setup for us.

Now that we are in Quickbooks Online, it appears that QW validates the BillTo Company, but once validated, it writes the contact information from the QW fields to the QBO PO. This makes it so we have to be very careful to keep all of the many contacts in our CRM updated with all of the latest billing information, where we previously didn't. Only the accounting system had to stay accurate.

Now that there is a new option for the ShipTo validation to "write only", it would be nice to have an option for the BillTo to use the stored contact data from QBO, if possible.

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Yup, from the documentation:
When creating a Purchase Order in QuickBooks, the Customer:Job that each item is being purchased for is populated in the QuickBooks Purchase Order using the QuoteWerks customer information from the Orders.

This despite what you might set here:

I have a client using QW and QBO and they've sort of had to get used to verifying contact information is correct inside QW before pushing to QBO. A couple of popups like "Remember to check contact details" on converting a quote to order helped.

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Yes, I said the wrong thing (PO) and wanted to edit my original post. It's on the Estimate (customer-based document) that the BillTo Customer info is written from QW to QBO.

In the QBDT integration, it used to verify the BillTo Company was an existing customer and then write the customer information from Quickbooks onto the BillTo of the "Sales Order" (now "Estimate" in QBO).This was ideal.

I have done a workaround with the links setup in QW to have it pull a custom field from HubSpot when importing the BillTo Contact that makes it work. But I used to only keep billing info up-to-date in Quickbooks, and now I have to keep it right in both Quickbooks and the CRM. Would be easier to simply opt for the Quickbooks info and not have to worry about what the CRM has. It's not a huge issue. Just something that used to exist that was a time- and error-saver.

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