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Tax issues since the latest QW release

Has anyone experienced issues with the tax rates since the rollout of the automatic sales tax rate zip+4 feature? We have several SLED customers who are tax-exempt and are coded as such in our CRM. This information pulls into QW but we are still seeing taxes added to our quotes. The below images show the tax rate set to 0.00 by default but also show taxes down in the total.



Any insight you can provide is greatly appreciated.

I'm checking back on this one. Are we the only ones experiencing this issue?

We currently have no other reports of this.  Do you have a datalink set up to pull in your tax-rate from your CRM?  Also, do you have your Sales Tax Rate Lookup Mode set to Manual so that it doesn't automatically apply tax?

Tools --> My Preferences --> General (more)

Thank you, Cat. We were able to fix it internally.

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